The Barn Production

recording studio
Work in a beautiful ambience!
The Barn Recording Studio is located in a picturesque, quiet rural setting. The studio was built by Dan Friml (producer, sound engineer, musician and leader of the band MEAN MESSIAH), originally for his own use. Gradually, as Dan’s reputation as a producer and the good reputation of the studio spread among the musicians, it was increasingly used by other bands. Unlike many other studies, The Barn aims not only to offer top-notch service without compromise, but also in affordable price ranges that can be enjoyed by novice artists as well. Studio is located in a beautiful rural setting, in a renovated former barn building, in the village of Lada, about 5 km from Úštěk. The studio has a spacious control room and recording room and, in addition to its acoustic features, we have been given a special emphasis on pleasant lighting conditions and atmosphere.
Besides the studio itself, there is also a relaxation zone and the possibility of relaxing in the garden around the building or the surrounding forests.
The Barn simply offers the best conditions for getting the best results!

We offer complete recording studio services
We record music of all styles, spoken word, large and small projects, including mix, mastering and complete postproduction. We set prices per day and work according to musicians’ wishes. We work until you’re able to!

Mastering and remastering, re-amping, drum replacement, restoration of audio material
Have you made your own material and need to give it a professional sound? Do you need recording restoration, do mastering, or remastering? Did you find out that one of the instruments does not sound the way you like? Your mix is ​​weak and the project files are already irreversibly deleted? This does not mean that everything is lost, or you will have to put the recorded material in the trash and record it all over again. Contact us, we will professionally review the situation and propose a solution.

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you can stay directly in the studio
6 beds available, TV, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, swimming pool and more…


our pricelist
The prices in The Barn are billed per day (we work according to musicians’ wishes, so the length of our working day depends entirely on you) and varies depending on the time spent in the studio. The more days you spend in the studio, the lower the daily rate is. If you plan to record 15 days or more, we offer significant discounts under the individual agreement.


  • Day 1-4 in studio: 4000,- / day
  • Day 5-10 in studio: 3000,- / day
  • Day 11 and more in studio: 2500,- / day
  • Contact us for individual pricing


  • Mix
  • 3 revisions


  • Masterig
  • Completing master
  • 1 revision