Recording studio, mix, mastering and music production

Modern professional recording studio in the picturesque and quiet rural setting. Operated by Dan Friml, producer, sound engineer, musician and leader of the band Mean Messiah.

The studio is located in a beautiful environment of North Bohemia, in a renovated building of the former barn in settlement Lada, 30 km from German border, about 5 km from Úštěk and approx. 60 km from the centre of Prague. Available is a rest area, guests can relax in the garden around the building. Accommodation is available directly in the studio, including Wi-Fi, TV and modern bathrooms.

The Barn is the only recording studio in the Czech Republic which offers Solid State Logic (SSL) XL-Desk console. Spacious control and recording room with the emphasis on good lighting conditions and atmosphere is another unique element of our studio as well.

We are a modern, professional recording studio

The studio was built by Dan, originally for his own use. Gradually, as Dan’s reputation as a producer and the good reputation of the studio spread among the musicians, it was increasingly used by other bands. Unlike many other studies, The Barn aims not only to offer top-notch service without compromise, but also in affordable price ranges that can be enjoyed by novice artists as well. The studio has a spacious control room and recording room and, in addition to its unique acoustic features, we have been given a special emphasis on pleasant lighting conditions and atmosphere. The Barn simply offers the best conditions for getting the best results!

We offer complete recording studio services

We record music of all styles, spoken word, large and small projects, including mix, mastering and complete postproduction. We set prices per day and work according to musicians’ wishes. We work until you’re able to, our working day is usually 10 and, in case of need, 12 hours long.

Mastering and remastering, re-amping, drum replacement, restoration of audio material

Have you made your own material and need to give it a professional sound? Do you need recording restoration, do mastering, or remastering? Did you find out that one of the instruments does not sound the way you like? Your mix is ​​weak and the project files are already irreversibly deleted? This does not mean that everything is lost, or you will have to put the recorded material in the trash and record it all over again. Contact us, we will professionally review the situation and propose a solution.


Studio rates

The Barn recording studio rates

The prices in The Barn are billed per day. We work according to musicians’ wishes, our working day is usually 10 and, in case of need, 12 hours long. If you plan to record 15 days or more, we offer significant discounts under the individual agreement.

Recording: 4000 CZK/day (160 €)
Contact us for individual pricing if you wish to stay longer than 15 days in the studio.

Mixing: 2500 CZK/track (100 €)
2 revisions

Mastering/Remastering: starts at 500 CZK/track (20 €)
Mastering, Completing master, 1 revision


The Barn equipment


Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic (SSL) XL-Desk
SuperAnalogue SSL console
Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) preamps
SSL E-Series EQ
The legendary Stereo Bus Compressor

2x Mackie HR 824
1x Mackie MR6 MK3
2x Technics SB CD320
Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro
AKG K-77 Perception
3x Superlux HD-681
Behringer HA4700 Powerplay Pro-XL (live room)
Behringer HA8000 V2 Powerplay (control room)

Audio Interfaces
MOTU 828mk3
MOTU 828x

Logic Pro X
Steinberg Wave Lab Pro 10 (mastering)

Apple Mac Pro 3,5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5
iPad Air 2
2x Apple Macbook Pro
Apple Macbook Air

Guitar pre-amps
Tech 21 PSA 1.1
Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Tech 21 GT2 SansAmp

Guitar amps/cabs
EVH 5150 III 50W EL34
Coffee Custom Cabs Latte 2×12 (Redback/Creamback 75)
Tech 21 TM 10
Randall RM100 Combo for MTS modules, 6L6 (2×12, Creamback/Redback)
Randall RM100 Head for MTS modules, EL34
MTS modules
Matchvox (Salvation Audio)
Spawn (Salvation Audio)
Buddy (Salvation Audio)
Selma (Salvation Audio)
Sathanas (Salvation Audio)

2x JoeMeek twinQ 2

DI Boxes
Palmer PDI-09 – guitar DI box & speaker simulator
Palmer DACCAPO Re-amplification box
2x Hughes & Kettner Redbox 5
Palmer Y-box Guitar Splitter

3x Samson S-Patch Plus

Digital converter
Behringer Ultramatch PRO SRC 2496 – high quality 24bit/96kHz AD/DA sample rate converter. AES/EBU and S/PDIF formats.

Outboard gear
2x Presonus ACP 88
TC Electronic G-Major 2

Rode K2 – tube microphone
Royer R-121 – ribbon microphone
12x Shure SM57 LC
Shure Beta 52A
Audix i-5
Senheiser E 906
2x Rode M5 MP – paired
5x Electro-Voice EV ND44
Rode NT5 – paired
Oktava MK-012 – paired
Heil Sound The Fin Red

Keyboard Evolution MK-449C
M-AUDIO Keystation 88 II

MXR Super Comp
MXR Ten Band EQ
Salvation Audio Tonewheel Boost
Salvation Audio Vivider Octaver
Salvation Audio Ensemble Box (Chorus)
KHDK Ghoul Screamer
KHDK Dark Blood Distortion
KHDK Paranormal (Limited Edition Gary Holt Parametric EQ Overdrive)
KHDK Paranormal II
KHDK Fallout (Bass pedal, rare prototype)
Mötley Crüe Dr. Feelgood Distortion
BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay
BOSS CP-1X Compressor
BOSS NS-2 Noise Supressor
BOSS FS-5U Foot Switch
TC Electronic Flashback Delay
TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate
Red Ant Mustard Low Gain Drive
Red Ant Curare Overdrive
Red Ant Charlie Fuzz (Harmonic Percolator)
Red Ant Baobab Fuzz (Jordan Bosstone)
MOOER Noise Killer
Widara A/B Box

TC Electronic Polytune 3
TC Electronic Polytune Clip

Virtual instruments & plug-ins
Synchro Arts ReVoice PRO
Sonnox Plugins
Apple Logic
Joey Sturgis Tones

Marantz Pro Sound Shield – Reflection Filter for Microphones
Drum set Sonor Smart Force
Snare Mapex Tomahawk ARST4551CEB



Contact us

The Barn Production s.r.o.
Lada 1 / Strážiště 23
411 45 Drahobuz
The Ústí Region
phone: +420 776 004 884 (Dan), +420 777 217 339 (Alice)

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C 3832 registered with Commercial Register maintained by Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem
Company Identification Number: 05521840
VAT ID: CZ05521840

You can contact us by e-mail, telephone numbers +420 776 004 884 (Dan), +420 777 217 339 (Alice), or use this contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible! If you want us to contact you by phone, fill in your phone number. Thank you!