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Toys to Play #1 – The new YouTube series

Hračky na hraní | Toys to Play, the new YouTube series in which I will feature interesting gadgets, tools, gear… There are many other things planned, but you will find out about them as thwey come up. I’m still at the beginning. 🙂 The first video is about stompbox made by Red Ant called Mustard, the pedal I totally fell in love with!

Mustard is a low gain drive pedal with a very nice vintage sound that can be used in several ways. It is interesting as a guitar sound enhancer when the effect is set to a minimum. On the contrary, I would recommend the effect to stoner guitarists, for example, when set to its maximum. Take a look and listen. I will return to Mustard in another video and record demos on a guitar with humbuckers.

Hračky na hraní | Toys to Play are here and I hope you will enjoy. Of course, I’ll be very happy if you subscribe to my YouTube channel because, as I said, there will be more interesting videos. Thank you!

Red Ant Mustard

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