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Trahir debut album is ready for pre-orders!

Předobjednávejte nové album Trahir!

Hello my friends, Dan here! I’ve spent the last few months finishing the debut album of Trahir, the band I’m a member of as a bassist. I think the result is really worth it, and if you like original music in the spirit of stoner, doom, NWOBHM, then don’t hesitate and make a pre-order in our shop! The album is going to be released on December 1st as a limited edition of 333 hand-numbered pieces with a signed autograph card. We’ve just opened pre-orders, so don’t hesitate and get yourself a copy until it’s available!

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Microphones? That’s where it begins!

Oktava MK-012 Paired

Microphones in our recording studio are the cornerstone of our work. We at The Barn pay attention to the choice of microphones, because their quality and proper use are crucial to the resulting sound. In addition to classic brands, we also have some great and less-known microphones, but they are largely involved in the unique sound of recordings from The Barn. We present some of them on the photos.

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