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I went for coffee at Coffee Custom Cabs

Guitar rig

Those who know me are well aware that I’m pretty picky about guitar gear. I do not want to sound somewhat pathetic, but today I have experienced something that has totally got me and what I did not expect. I was at Coffee Custom Cabs workshop to test their Latte with my new EVH 5150 III EL34. We set it up, switched on, and without any adjustment and tuning I just hit the strings … And during the first half-second I knew this box has to be mine. ❤️

We are modern recording studio

The Barn live room

Did you know, that The Barn has a beautiful, acoustically excellent live room (great for recording drums etc.) and top class console SSL XL-Desk?

SSL XL-Desk at The Barn

So we have a new baby! SSL XL-Desk has become the heart and soul of our studio. SuperAnalogue SSL console with Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) preamps, SSL E-Series EQ modules and legendary Stereo Bus Compressor. We’re ready to take The Barn experience to a whole new level.
Who’s coming to check out this sexy boy?

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