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Creative space

Creative Space is another service for musicians. Do you need an inspiring and pleasant space for creative work such as composing music, recording demos or for example writing lyrics? Or are you looking for a space away from everyday problems for band rehearsal before tour? We offer studio spaces for rent as part of our project The Barn Creative Space. You will have access to our live room, accommodation directly in the studio building and, in season, even a swimming pool in the garden. Suitable for both individuals and whole bands. The rental price within Creative Space is 3,000 CZK/day without the assistance of a sound engineer, if you need Dan’s helping hand, we charge the price as for a standard recording day, i.e. 4,000 CZK/day.

Creative Space Standard

You have a live room and basic equipment (monitors, racks, by arrangement, perhaps even a drum kit) needed for rehearsals or creative work at your disposal. The accommodation is directly on the premises of the studio.
Price: 3,000 CZK/day

Creative Space Plus

Same terms and conditions as Creative Space Standard, plus if you need your ideas professionally recorded, Dan will be available in the studio to take care of it. Standard and Plus can, of course, be combined as desired. For example, you can rehearse or compose in Standard mode for two days, and on the third day record your ideas in our studio with an extra charge for Plus.
Price: CZK 4,000/day (Possible subsequent mix, mastering according to the standard price list.)

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